Every good recipe has a few simple secrets, but that make the difference. The brownie is no different, is it? The dessert was created from a mistake, however, nowadays the recipe has already been much improved and some tricks and tips leave that brownie wet and with the crunchy cone even more delicious. Baked Comfort Food will give various tips to make perfect brownie.

It may not seem like it, but the recipe is delicate and needs some basic care. I separated some tips that are sure to help you prepare the most delicious brownie in the world:

• It is always best to use the ingredients at room temperature , so take the butter and eggs out of the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before starting the preparation.
• Use chocolate of good quality bitter or half bitter . Prefer the versions with 50% or more of cocoa, because the recipe already takes a lot of sugar.
• Melt the chocolate in a water bath ( learn how to do it here ). The ingredient is over dedicated so do not be lazy to melt it with care.
• Incorporate the flour gently only until the mixture is homogeneous and never hit the mixer. The brownie’s dough can not get heavy and hitting too much will worsen the end result.
• To further enhance the taste of chocolate you can use a pinch of salt or a little coffee. These two ingredients, if used in a small amount, do not change the flavor of the recipe and only enhance the chocolate.
• Oven time influences a lot and so all care is little. It pays to use a timer and take a look a few minutes before giving the suggested time in the recipe, because your oven is not always perfectly regulated.
• If possible, use a thermometer to check the actual temperature of your oven. As I said in the previous tip, your stove may be unregulated.
• Dishware influences the end result. Using a metal form, your brownies will be ready faster than if you use a glass model. For this reason it is always good to keep an eye on the oven and do not let your recipe pass the point.
• Staining and using paper towels will make it much easier to uniform.
• Cut the squares after the brownie has cooled so it does not break completely. Remember that the dough is very wet and we do not want to miss it on finalizing.


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